Located in Knoxfield, and easily accessible via Eastlink, The Jo Howell Photography Studio is custom designed to offer a variety of backgrounds with something to match your particular style and personality all at the one address.

Our outdoor studio is seasonal and continually being updated, and of course weather dependant. Our indoor studio is climate controlled and gives us the greatest flexibility for session times. Location sessions are available if you have a particular place that is significant to you and your family.

Essential Wedding Photography Package

For a classic and dynamic look, our black in studio background is great for really capturing the mood. The climate and light controlled environment makes for great shoots at any time of day.

Essential Wedding Photography Package

Clean, crisp bright and vibrant, our indoor white background studio is popular with high energy modern style sessions. With total control over lighting and climate this is a great year round option.

Essential Wedding Photography Package

Our custom built cubby house is designed to give a rustic look, very popular with toddlers who can’t sit still. Situated to take full advantage of morning light, which tends to match young moods!

Essential Wedding Photography Package

Our very own little grove of paperbarks sets a magical scene and provides the perfect shade for outdoor photography throughout the day.

Essential Wedding Photography Package

With floor to ceiling windows our daylight studio is perfect for images with a softer feel..

Essential Wedding Photography Package

Our most dynamic background, with 5 options, updated quarterly, our graffiti walls are an ever changing and vibrant background option. Popular with the young and the young at heart, portraits including these are guaranteed to leave an impression!

Essential Wedding Photography Package

From vibrant green to soft golden yellows, ever changing with stunning morning and afternoon light, our grassy parkland is sure to please. The perfect place to let the four legged (and two legged) run free and a beautiful natural slate waiting for you to add your own splash of personality.

Essential Wedding Photography Package

Sometimes you just have your heart set on a certain location for your photography session. Speak to one of our team about your ideas, location fees apply.