How long does a session take?

"Time is spent at the beginning of each session getting to know the animals, introducing them to the camera equiptment and making sure they are comfortable. Our pet sessions usually take between 1 to 1&1/2 hours. It really depends on the number of family members involved (both two legged and four legged) and how co-operative they are."

How many pets can I include in the shoot?

"You can have as many pets photographed as you like. If you have more than one pet, we always suggest bringing in a freind, whom your pet is comforatble with to help out."

Do you photograph pets other than cats and dogs?

"We love all creatures great and small (although any tarantula handling will most likely be left up to you). Jo Howell worked as a commercial wildlife photographer in South Africa. Meerkats climbing up jeans and cheetah cubs chewing on shoelaces are some of her favourite stories. Some animals require more specific preparation for thier shoot. Call us to discuss your needs."

My pet is not the most obedient...

"Some pets won't sit still for the camera (either do some 3 year olds) and we don't always want them to! With a wildlife photography background and years of animal handling experience we have all sorts of tips and tricks to capture your pet at their best.

For particularly hyper dogs we do suggest you take them for a walk right before the session, this can help expel a bit of energy before the session."

Can I also be in the photos?

"Of course, in fact we often have people take advatage of the opportunity to get professional photographs celebrating the bond between them and their furbabies."

What happens if it rains?

"If you have selected an outdoor session and mother nature does not play along we can still get great images. Head inside and take advantage of our indoor studio options or, if you have your heart set on an outdoor shoot, we can reschedule to another date. We will contact you prior to your session time to discuss your options."

What do we bring to the shoot?

"We encourage you to bring items that represent you and your pets personailites. Think about what makes your pet truely individual, do they have tricks, a favourite toy, what's the naughtiest thing they have ever done, is there something they love to chew on, play or snuggle with or is there something that, along with your pet, is your absolute favourite? We have had people bring in their shoe collection, miscal instruments, a basket of socks even peices of furniture!

Also photo day is the perfect day for bribery! Bring in your dogs favourite treats, this can be a big help when it comes to co-operation."

What happens after the shoot?

"At the conclusion of the shoot we will make a sales appointment. This will generally be a week after the shoot date. This is where you will view your photographs from the session and decide which images and products you wish to purchase. For more information head to the General section on the FAQ page."